Dundonald to Barassie Path

A new off road walking and cycling path is being proposed to link Dundonald and Barassie towns.

View the approximate route below – BLUE line. It is proposed to place the path on the north side of the A759 (RHS going from Dundonald to Barassie) with fencing/hedging between the road and path. This and other details will be decided at the design stage along with landowners and public consultation. The National Cycle Network will link to the new path for onward travel to Irvine, Troon, Prestwick, Ayr and beyond.

This path has been requested by Dundonald Community Council and is supported by South Ayrshire Paths Initiative. The project is being managed by Ayrshire Roads Alliance under the direction of South Ayrshire Council – see the progress statement below.

August 2018 – Statement from Ayrshire Roads Alliance (ARA)

Following an initial request from the Dundonald Community Council, the ARA was given a remit by SAC to investigate the potential for a safe, direct and convenient link between the village of Dundonald and Barassie. During 2017 the ARA undertook a review of three potential options: a new route running adjacent to the A759; a route remote from the A759 following the Gailes Burn/ railway line; and an upgrade of the Smugglers’ Trail.

The options appraisal undertaken concluded that the most appropriate design solution, fulfilling the remit, was for a new route running adjacent to the A759. It is acknowledged that the community preference obtained through several engagement processes was for a remote route following the Gailes Burn/ railway line, however this route option would have been less direct, involves challenging ground conditions and therefore higher cost implications.

Funder Sustrans also expressed concerns that the community preference for a route remote from the A759 following the Gailes Burn/ railway line would be more leisure in nature and would not achieve the major objective of the Community Links funding which is to provide direct and convenient facilities for everyday trips, such as commuting to work or place of study. A successful further funding bid from Sustrans would therefore have been unlikely to succeed had this route option been pursued at this time.

The ARA will therefore be moving ahead during 2018 with a detailed design for a shared use facility running adjacent to the A759 linking Dundonald with Barassie. Further community engagement is planned as part of this work.

It should also be noted that whilst the ARA is not intending to proceed with the development of a proposed a route remote from the A759 following the Gailes Burn/ railway line, should this be something the community wishes to progress the ARA will endeavour to assist . It is also intended that the detail of the proposed facility running adjacent to the A759 would be designed in such a way to allow for the future addition of a “loop” of path running adjacent to the railway line.